Proud Terriers – Relaunch

Rainbow Terriers logo

Proud Terriers’s Relaunch

I set this group up to really make a difference and to fight homophobia in football which I feel so passionate about as an openly gay man who loves football. I wanted to establish a movement against homophobia and inspire a new generation of fans and football culture; in which homophobia doesn’t exist.

Having met with the clubs marketing team a few months ago, the first thing that was mentioned was the logo and how it looked outdated so we decided to change the logo and make it look more modern and have a new fresh approach which will be our next chapter for Proud Terriers.

I asked my team to send us a few quotes regarding Proud Terriers and the fight against homophobia:


“Homophobia in football still exists with no players that are out in the English game, and groups like PT are crucial to getting the message out there. And the relaunch just shows how groups evolve and grow.”


“I am delighted to see that Proud Terriers’s relaunch has been successful over the last few weeks, with such great support from people locally and over social media. Very excited for the groups future. Proud Terriers always makes me feel so welcome and is such a friendly team since I joined in February.”


“Proud Terriers needed this relaunch, this fresh breath of air to continue this gruelling fight against homophobia in football. Often the game is referred to as the fans’. But it cannot be the fans game due to the ongoing issues such as homophobia which here at Proud Terriers we are working to make sure the LGBTQ+ community are just as comfortable as anyone else at a football game, like it should be”

Lastly I want to just say on behalf of all of us at Proud Terriers we thank you so much for your support! is so overwhelming and we really do appreciate it! We would love to get as many of you involved this year as we can.

We are so lucky to have such an amazing supportive club who has always stuck by us! Big thanks to the amazing people that work closely with us, our ambassador Andy Booth. Rachel and Robyn!

It would be good to meet more town fans this season. See you all around UTT

– Ryan


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