Proud Terriers at Huddersfield Pride!


On Sunday 2nd June, Ryan and Tony attended Huddersfield Pride, it was such a fantastic day with some amazing entertainment throughout the day and in the evening.

Ryan’s thoughts about Huddersfield Pride:

“The success of our local pride couldn’t of gone any better! The day was packed full of amazing entertainment and that sense of positivity, love and unity was in the atmosphere. From start to finish I enjoyed every minute of it and the after party was a late one however it was worth it! Its so good to have a pride back in my hometown – Big thanks goes to the Huddersfield Uni Student Union for all the hard work they put in especially Tom who was at the forefront of it all!”

Tony added his thoughts on the event:

“Huddersfield Pride 2019 was a big success, people young and older came to see what was going on. The day was packed with a variety of entertainment, from drag act, to poetry, live music in the sense of positivity, love and unity was in the atmosphere. This couldn’t of happened without Huddersfield University Student union especially Tom and his team, their enthusiasm, positivity and hard work certainly showed on the day and then down the stall holders who also made the day just work. The evening variety show was good, and the afterparty at Camel club made a long day even longer but it certainly worth it.”

Thank you Huddersfield University Student Union for having us part of the Huddersfield Pride this year!


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